Lubica Mrockova is a Graphic Designer and a Photographer with major in identity branding and advertising.

Combining her background in fashion design with commercial, portrait and action photography, and her multicultural perspective, Lubica’s designs contributions are authentic.

Lubica’s mission is to emphasize the beauty of people and the world around her.

Graphic Design

I create products and experiences for entrepreneurs, companies, agencies and non profits with focus on the combination between aesthetics and functionality.


I use natural and/or artificial lighting to capture the beauty of people, places and things in a variety of settings.


I combine marketing and graphic design to create an iconic ideas that can be a thread running through all mediums and on all platforms to represent your business in the best level.

Tactile Design

I am here to help you to act and turn a new and imaginative ideas into reality.

UI\UX Design

I design an intelligible Web or screen interfaces, ensure they work, and make them an exciting, and memorable part of your experience.


I love when I experience fulfillment of your wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure from my work which I delivered to you.

Top Photography Events I Photographed

  • Photographer at Japan Amway Multi-level Marketing Company 5 Days Event
  • Photographer At Fringe 100 Episodes
  • Photographer At Smallville Gala Night
  • Photographer At Winter Olympic Games 2010 In Vancouver BC, Editorial Coverage
  • Photographer For Coast Mountain Photography At World Police And Fire Games 2009