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” Two Soups in One Day”

This children book illustrated by Lubica Mrockova for a writer Karen Giesbrecht.

…. Saturday morning at Elli’s home is a time for tasty breakfasts, the bouncy trampoline, twisty train tracks, and weekly chores. Cleaning her room, doing laundry, tending the garden and making lunch are fun when Elli and her daddy work on them together. Two Soups in One Day will inspire pre-school aged readers and their grown-up friends to make their own laundry soup, and use the recipe inside to make a seasonal garden soup.

Two Soups in One Day

The children’s book Two Soups in One Day is published by FriesenPress in 2015. Karen Giesbrecht (Writer), Lubica Mrockova (Illustrator)

Type of work: Creative Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design